Are you allergic to wasp?

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Per is allergic to wasp but loves to be outdoors.

As always, he cruises on his Harley, of course with an open helmet, and does not think that he can really be in a high danger situation. Not because of the motorcycle ride, but because of the angry wasp that has just landed on his cheek.
The wasp does not like speed, and stings Per on the cheek.
Per notices the sting and pulls over to the side. He quickly becomes ill. The situation is worsening and Per loses consciousness. His biker buddies do not understand what has happened.
This can end badly.

world medical card, digital medisinsk journal, vepseallergi, Allergic to wasp

Per has WORLD MEDICAL CARD as an app on his phone, and he has been so foresighted that he has shared this with a couple of his biker friends.
One friend looks at the app, sees the sting and quickly realizes what has happened.
In addition to having access to the information about Per’s allergies, Per has also noted in the app that the adrenaline pen is in the bag in front of the motorcycle – just in case.
It is also stated in the app which doctor the comrades should call if such a situation should arise. And they also find the contact details for Per’s partner.

Be Smart like Per and be prepared for the unexpected.

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world medical card, digital medisinsk journal, vepseallergi, Allergic to wasp

Per’s friends follow what is written on the WORLD MEDICAL CARD app, and Per regain consciousness again. Thanks to Per’s preparation and the with the help of his mates this luckily ended well!
Do your friends know what to do if you have a severe allergic reaction or something unexpected should happen?
Are you allergic to wasp?

If you and your friends are signed up to WORLD MEDICAL CARD, you can share the critical information you have uploaded- something that ultimately can save lives?
Do not expect others to guess your needs, take charge and always keep an updated medical profile with you.

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