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An article about the Current Status on The Development of Vaccines for COVID-19.

Anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is the final solution to get rid of COVID-19 and save hundreds of thousands of lives. 

Here’s where we are so far: 

Currently, hundreds of laboratories and pharmaceutical companies are racing toward developing an effective vaccine against COVID-19. 

Development of Vaccines for COVID-19The most fascinating technology that’s being used to produce the vaccine is the one adopted by Oxford University, where scientists are using a viral vector (modified adenovirus) that’s injected with COVID-19 genetic material. 

Once the virus enters the human body, it will target the same tissues as COVID-19 (upper and lower respiratory tract), forcing our cellular machinery to produce the modified adenovirus, as well as spike proteins of COVID-19. Eventually, the immune system will develop specific cells and antibodies against these antigens, leading to immunity. 

Note that this vaccine is going through the third phase of clinical trials and has been temporarily halted a few days ago due to the appearance of myelitis (i.e., neuron inflammation) in one patient. 

However, these incidents occur all the time during testing, and most trials conclude that the particular side effect was unrelated to the vaccine. 

Other companies are testing different forms, including killed, attenuated, DNA, and RNA vaccines. 

Takeaway message 

Developing a vaccine against COVID-19 is vital to restore our old lifestyle. Fortunately, hundreds of companies are racing toward this goal. 

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