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Pandemic Business Solutions

Here are some Pandemic Business Solutions:

Although home office is the gold standard to reduce contacts and therefore prevent work- related SARS CoV-2 infections some of us have to be present at work regularly or at least sometimes.

Employers are in charge to cut this necessity down to a minimum of time and have to present effective hygienic concepts for the workplace itself. However, “working” also includes commuting and sometimes even traveling which means exposing employees to a risk of infection out of direct control of the employer. The best way to go to work in terms of infection control is individual transport.

If individual transport is not possible, employers alternatively can organize transport of their staff at least in small groups (“tunnel to work”).

Whenever employees are dependent on public transport they should follow the “rules” of precaution already mentioned in the last blog.


Employers in this case could offer support by providing asks and effective hand rub to minimize risk of infection.

As soon as rapid-antigen-tests for SARS CoV-2 for untrained people are approved by local authorities, regular testing at the workplace might be a meaningful option to avoid work- related infections as well.
To date, international travelling is restricted to a high extent and replaced by digital solutions.
In the event of an inevitable job- related journey employer and employee should both check the actual regulations of all affected countries/areas (entry, quarantine, accommodation) and anticipate possible changes during the time of the trip.

Last Pandemic Business Solutions:

A special focus should be on the testing options at the destination to assure an uncomplicated way back home as well as the knowledge of a medical contact for eventual treatment and the availability of all necessary medical information of the persons travelling.

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