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Seasonal flu expected back on the scene this year!

An article about Seasonal flu

Seasonal flu expected back on the scene this year!

Health care systems are in fear that the seasonal flu will be back this year after its no-show last year due to facemasks and lockdown in the course of the corona pandemic. Normally, on the northern hemisphere the flu season starts around now and lasts until May. This might challenge hospital capacities with another wave of patients suffering from a respiratory illness. On top, it can be easily confused with a Sars Cov- 2 infection due to a similar clinical appearance.

Like its appearance, a good way to avoid it is also similar to Sars Cov-2:
Get vaccinated!

In most western countries, a vaccination against the seasonal flu is recommended for older people, people with chronic diseases and health care workers on a yearly basis. The ingredients of the actual vaccine are based on the characteristics of the type of Influenza virus of the previous season and at the suggestion of the World Health Organization (WHO) that evaluates data from laboratories around the world.

As there is a lack of data from last year, some experts expect this year`s vaccine not to be as powerful as the ones from the seasons before. Nevertheless, there is a recommendation for vaccination for the groups mentioned above. Currently, there is ongoing research in the development of a combined vaccine against Sars CoV-2 and flu.

Unfortunately, this is not for this year yet.

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