The most meaningful Christmas gift you can give to your employees

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The most meaningful Christmas gift you can give to your employees

Many employers want to show their staff that they appreciate them and their contributions. But if you want the gift to be different and truly meaningful, you might have to think outside the box.

So, what are the best and most meaningful gifts you can give to your employees for the Christmas holidays? Here we will take a closer look at an employee Christmas gift that will be more meaningful than most regular gifts. 

What is a meaningful Christmas gift for your staff?

A meaningful Christmas gift is not like all other gifts. It’s a gift that will actually make a change, or a gift that is purposeful. It will for example give the receiver an increased sense of security, or add value to their life in other ways.

World Medical Card: The perfect Christmas gift for employees?

The World Medical Card is subscription based, and is designed to support the card holder with fast and accurate health support whenever needed. The subscribers will have their own personal profile, and this may be accessed through a browser or app.

By adding updated critical and relevant health data, the card holder can receive safe and correct health treatment when needed. The medical information is coded according to the global health standards set by WHO, and should be understandable for health workers across the world.

By giving your employees the World Medical Card, you will at the same time give them a meaningful gift that can potentially provide them with a safer everyday life.

How does it work?

The World Medical Card will give the subscriber a physical card which should be kept together with the cardholder’s regular ID. There will also be an online profile. The cardholder will be able to register information about their insurance company / policy number.

The insurance information will also be shown on the physical card. Because of this, the World Medical Card will work as a combination between an insurance and health card, and provide the cardholder with maximum security on a daily basis.

When health workers look at the World Medical Card, they will see the unique password that will give access to the cardholder’s online profile in case of emergency.

Life-saving information

The purpose of the World Medical Card is to have access to critical health information in case of emergencies. The information can be shared with friends, family or colleges, so that they can provide health professionals with the necessary information if needed.

With the World Medical Card the cardholder may also add information about their closest contacts, and have emergency buttons for their relatives. It is also possible to upload documents about vaccinations, donor cards or other relevant information.

19 different languages

The World Medical Card is available in 19 different languages. This makes it possible for the subscriber to translate information about allergies to many other languages. This can be particularly helpful in case of an emergency while travelling.

The user can have the World Medical Card app on their cell phone, which is perfect when travelling. It will make communication with health workers a lot easier when the cardholder does not know the language where they are at.

If you suffer from a specific allergy and go to a restaurant, you can use the mobile app to communicate what ingredients you have to avoid. Thanks to accurate communication about the cardholder’s health situation, misunderstandings or incorrect treatment can be avoided.


Different subscriptions

As an employer, you can give your employees a World Medical Card subscription for Christmas. You will be able to choose between several subscriptions, based on the number of recipients.

The “Personal Safety” subscription is suitable for one member. You can also give an employee the “Family Safety” subscription, which will cover 2 to 8 of the recipient’s family members. Also remember, you can buy the “Corporate Safety” subscription. This plan will cover 5 to 500 of your employees, and is a great choice for most businesses.

By giving your employees a subscription plan, you will be able to secure them. They will receive printed cards with emergency codes, and may add information about covid vaccines, emergency contacts, medical conditions, donor information and other useful information.

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