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As if the situation is not complicated enough!

A number of people are confronted with some extra problems these days as early bloomers like hazelnut and alder begin to spread their pollen – as if the situation is not complicated enough! As a result, persons suffering from hayfever and are experiencing breathing problems might feel it challenging to differentiate between being hit by pollen or the Sars- CoV- virus.
Other players with overlapping symptoms, although rare this season, are common cold and influenza.

However, there are some facts that offer guidance out of the dilemma.

First of all, it is quite likely that people with known hay fever for years suffer from it again these days. Next, first-line symptoms of allergy are itchiness of eyes and nose as well as sneezing.
In contrast, leading symptoms of Sars- CoV-2 infection are a dry cough and fever.
Especially fever is not linked to allergic reactions at all and people suffering from the combination of fever and coughing need to be tested for Sars- CoV- 2 (and combined or if negative for influenza).

Weariness and tiredness are no helpful parameters as they may occur due to the illness itself or as a side effect of anti- allergic (anti- histaminic) drugs.
Talking about medication, one can stumble upon a discussion about the possible effect of the intake of glucocorticoids (as anti-allergic medication e.g.) on the probability of being infected with Sars- CoV- 2.

Please do not stop any of your regular medication before talking to your doctor and make sure you have your list of medication and known medical problems ready doing so.

As if the situation is not complicated enough!

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