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World Medical Card®
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World Medical Card provides unique business solutions where employees can safely store their essential health and related information to make this available should an emergency situation arise. This information can be accessed via an app or physical card.


Incorrect or missing information required in an emergency increases the risk of wrong treatment being applied and can have severe consequences. By carrying the World Medical Card®, your critical information will always be available and understood by health professionals all over the world.  Not having access to correct and updated medical information in critical situations results in lost  time and waste of resources in search, rather than providing required treatment. In worst case this can lead to loss of life. Make sure that health professionals get the best support to help you!

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Safety in everyday life for your employees

Help your employee reduce the risk of injury and illness with World Medical Card® Business Solutions. This user-controlled medical record is a great tool. If you have temporary employees in your company, it is important that they can communicate any illnesses, ailments and allergies with you, pharmacies and health personnel.


You never know when your employees will need critical medical information. World Medical Card® ensures that it is available when it is needed most. Employees post what they think is important and relevant to their digital medical profile that they always have available, both as an app on the phone and as a physical card.

The app also has a one-click call button with their map location that is sent to their emergency contacts on record. World Medical Card® is a service that complements health insurance, travel/accident insurance, local health and emergency apps.

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It’s easy to be prepared

World Medical Card® is always available via mobile, PC or card

World Medical Card® is easy to share. Your employees do not have to worry about remember the medications they need or what treatments may be harmful to them. If they have had e.g. a shoulder operation in their home country, it can be documented so that  health all personnel all over the world will and understand  know this. All current insurances and treatment agreements can be uploaded.

Employees food allergies are translated so they are completely confident that everyone understands what allergies they have. Gluten, nut allergies, and other less common allergies are easily translated. It is easy to register and keep relevant information up to date – all information is gathered in one place. Let World Medical Card® Business Solutions help your employees.


Medical needs are understood, anywhere, around the clock. The World Health Organization coding (IDC-10 and ATC) ensures that anyone in dialogue with a foreign-language doctor will be completely confident that the doctor will understand. COVID-19 encoding is included and Pharmacists will immediately understand which active ingredients / medicines provide palliative and necessary treatment. Already in use in 27 countries. Translation function into 19 languages, to ease communication in relevant local language beyond medical professionals.

How to Get World Medical Card

The card means that important medical information is always available to medical professionals wherever you are in the world.

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digital medical journal, medical app

Smart. Easy. Safe. Secure.


World Medical Card® is always available via app, PC or a physical card. You can upload your personal medical information, coded so that you are understood by healthcare professionals – anywhere in the world, around the clock.

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Let your employees try World Medical Card Business Solutions

You choose what information you want, including:

  • Covid vaccine documentation

  • Important allergies

  • Important medications you must have

  • Contact information for relatives

  • Emergency button for relatives

  • Insurance information

  • Donor information

  • Optical prescriptions

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