In case of emergency

Get access to patient health information instantly

All health personnel can find necessary patient information by using their access code found within their World Medical Card® card.

You will be redirected to a secure login when pressing the button below.

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The World Medical Card® in The World

We at The World Medical Card® are proud to have members in more than 27 countries, and we actively work to be able to offer our solution to everyone. Our unique service increases your safety and can save lives by letting you gather your personal and medical information in one place. The World Medical Card® works anywhere in the world – around the clock. Order your World Medical card now

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World Medical Card®


  • Digital service in addition to your travel insurance
  • Your medical profile is available on mobile and on a physical card
  • Easy sharing of information with, for example, relatives when needed
  • Already in use in 27 countries! Translation function into 19 languages, to ease communication in relevant local language beyond medical professionals
  • Access to critical medical information can be crucial to saving your life in an emergency and to prevent critical situations to occur
  • Become a member, upload health issues that are important to you and register your World Medical Card ® to increase your everyday safety