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How World Medical Card® can be used by Health Professionals

Get access to patient health information instantly with World Medical Card®

World Medical Card® is an unique solution for Health Professionals to help their patients. Here patients can safely store their essential health and related information. And make this available should an emergency situation arise. This information can be accessed via an app or physical card. Already in use in 27 countries.

Emergency Code Access

Health Professionals

Has a patient given you his or her World Medical Card®? Or has an unconscious person who carries this card been brought to your practice? Health Professionals can use the Emergency Log-in code found on the WMC card. If you have not already done so, view the card and check the medical information printed. If needed, log in using the member ID and password provided.

When logged in, you will find all health information and other data the patient has chosen to register. This could be their diagnoses, medications or allergies. You can also find their next of kin’s contact information as well as other relevant documents, including x-rays.

Our goal is to help you help the patient.

World Medical Card Business , World Medical Card, digital medical journal, medical app
World Medical Card, digital medical journal, medical app

Health Institutions

WMC Technologies provides retirement homes and health institutions a product that makes their daily lives easier and safer. With our group subscription, we provide a solution where people and patients can easily be added to the subscription. Individuals can maintain their medical records by signing into the web or app.

Our goal is to make the everyday life easier for the employees and safer for the patients.

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