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Do we need a license to travel?

We grew up with the experience that only if we are intending to travel to special countries or regions in the world we should see a doctor who is an expert in travel medicine beforehand.
In almost all cases this preparation with vaccinations or certain medications was self-centered to protect ourselves from harm but not for reasons focusing on the general health of the population of the country we are travelling to.
As a consequence, we did not need to proof our medical status when crossing the border.
A vaild passport and sometimes a visa with the declaration that we are not suffering from special illnesses was enough.

This not true anymore and proofing a sufficient immune status, a complete vaccination status against Sars- CoV- 2 will become as important as our passport to reach our holiday destination smoothly.
Set under pressure by the countries depending on tourism the European Union (EU) has just decided that every country in the EU can set up its own operating system to ensure a QR-code based documentation of the necessary information for its people.
To avoid discrimination, recent negative testing results must be accepted as well.
Data should only be stored on the mobile of the person itself or on paper.

Using a collective European system then, this certificate should be readable in every EU member state. One can wonder how this will work out until June (2021!) as a lot of EU countries just demonstrated their lack of digital infrastructure and ideas by desperately trying to set up digital solutions for transmitting test results or warnings of dangerous contacts.

But what about non- EU travelers?

Generally, they should be able to join this collective system as well (whenever it is working) and go to Italy or Greece if they have the license to travel!

World Medical Card 

World Medical Cards is an unique and easy to use tool that allows you create your own medical journal.
It ensures your critical information is always available, relevant and up to date.
It is always available via web, app or physical card.  It’s understood by Healthcare professionals all over the world.
By sharing your profile with relatives or travel companions, you help the ones closest to you to assist when required.

WMC -makes is easy to gather all critical information in one place

WMC -makes it easy to communicate critical information digital and physical

All information in the WMC profile is user defined and personal

WMC profile information is stored and protected securely

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