An article about Another Pandemic Christmas

Pre- Christmas time and the ending of the year is a very busy and stressful time for many of us.

This might be because of work but also because of the preparations of a Christmas feast that of course and independent from all the rough circumstances has to be perfect.
Very often, especially at this specific time of the year new health issues apart from the corona virus are appearing or known ones are returning.
Often these are the physical mirror of stress and overwhelming expectations but might also be the result of less movement and a vast quantity of food.

Taking into account the extra portion of uncertainty due to the ongoing pandemic situation preexisting illnesses like e.g. stomach problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or headaches could worsen.
Family doctors do know their patients´ medical history and general situation very well but many of them close their offices at the end of the year.

It therefore might be helpful if we share our thoughts, fears, expectations and also physical complaints with the ones we love and plan to spend these days with.
It might be clever to do so in advance of Christmas to avoid pressure before it arises at all.

A nice walk outside is the perfect time to do so!

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