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An article about the possible problems with foreign food

Travelling also means experiencing different foreign food with sometimes completely unfamiliar tastes from what we are used to.

However, ingredients might be the same all over the planet and some of us do suffer from food allergies. Even at home these people have to be very cautious with the things they eat.

Understandably, due to translation issues avoiding allergic reactions is more difficult in foreign countries. There is not yet a sufficient international coding system for food allergies, although the brand new ICD coding system 11 at least pays more attention to it.

Allergic reactions can cause a variety of symptoms from mild to life – threatening.

Therefore, everyone with a “mild” reaction probably linked to food intake (swelling of nose mucosa, itching, diarrhea, stomach cramps) should go and see a doctor for further investigations and maybe a prescription for emergency medication (pen with adrenaline for self-administration).

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