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Data Security

WMC Technologies provide our customers with the highest level of security available for on-line storage of data, including personal information and transactions. All sensitive information shared between your computer and our server is encrypted through numerous defense mechanisms. Our technical environment is certified by Norwegian Health Network

All sensitive information shared between your computer and our server is encrypted via extended SSL.  Our Extended (Extended validation – EV) SSL-certificate is provided by GlobalSign. This certification ensures that all information transferred is safe and protected from third parties.

ECIT is WMC Technology’s preferred security partner and responsible WMC Technology’s digital privacy and security policies.
ECIT continually strives to develop products that support the latest recommended secure features and protocols to encrypt and protect data traffic.
We monitor the changing cryptographic landscape closely and upgrade our products to respond to new cryptographic weaknesses as they are discovered, implementing best practices as they evolve.


Technology and Security team

ECIT | Senior Security Architect – Anbarasan Thiruvambalam
ECIT | Senior ICT Architect – Henrik Johansen


Additional encryption

World Medical Card® uses a technology called EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer). SSL comprises a set of rules used by computers linked to the internet.  These rules include:

  • Encryption – protects against «eaves dropping».
  • Data integrity – ensures that communication cannot be tampered with.
  • Authentication – validates that the intended recipients are who they claim to be.


Green address field – EV SSL

Green address field – EV SSL
A green address line, as shown above, provides immediate visual feedback that the web address is secure and more so than other SSL certificates.
This requires additional validation that you are who you claim to be on-line before a certificate is issued.
No certificate provides more security than the EV SSL certificate.
Visitors to sites that have EV (Extended Validation) receive a green address line in their browser, which shows who are covered by the SSL certificate and who issued this. Older browsers do not support the green colour feature.

EV SSL certificates are unique in providing a green address field in the browser, which is a visual sign that the web site is secure. The EV SSL certificate is the culmination of work undertaken by the CA/Browser forum. CA/B Forum include leading CAs and browser providers, in addition to representatives from various juridical and security organisations, who have co-operated on defining guidelines and user instructions for the Extended Validation (EV) standard.

The EV standard improves on-line transaction security and provides a more intuitive method to identify secure web sites for web users. Before each Certification
Authority (CA) can issue an EV SSL certificate, it must comply with the guidelines issued by the CA/B Forum. While these guidelines are international, they are also specific to individual countries.

CA determines the guidelines for other types of certificates themselves. When using an EV SSL certificate users will be confident that they know who receives the information they transmit.


World Medical Card® in The World

We at World Medical Card® are proud to have members in more than 27 countries, and we actively work to be able to offer our solution to everyone. Our unique service increases your safety and can save lives by letting you gather your personal and medical information in one place. World Medical Card® works anywhere in the world – around the clock.

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