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World Medical Card special offer for Multiconsult employees

Wouldn’t it be great to have an overview of medications, important diagnoses, aches, allergies and insurance certificates on the phone? And to have this as a physical card in your wallet? In addition, this is coded and translated so that healthcare professionals and pharmacies around the world understand.

The World Medical Card increases the chances of fast and accurate medical treatment. The card collects your medical details as well as information about your travel insurance. This provides you with optimal travel safety.

World Medical Card helps others to help you:

  • Collects your allergies, medications and diagnoses in one place
  • Encodes the information using the WHO international coding system
  • Collects insurance information and your decision on organ donation
  • Provides emergency contact information to your family

World Medical Card

  • Easy to remember, easy to use
  • Available in card form or on your mobile phone
  • Your personal health profile in 19 languages
  • Combined health profile and travel insurance card

Help your loved ones
With the World Medical Card, you can help your parents or others in the family who lose track of their medication. If they have shared a card / app with you, you can easily go in and explain to the pharmacy, the doctor or others both at home and abroad, what they need.
If dementia should occur in the immediate family, this is an easy way to help your family member.

World Medical Card on the trip
A unique tool for safe and accurate medical treatment.
World Medical Card® gives you increased security to get fast and accurate medical treatment wherever you are in the world.

The World Medical Card® aims to increase the safety of medical treatment when unexpected situations arise and medical staff do not know your medical record or history.

It is your user-controlled medical record, where you choose what you load into the app and the website.
Always available via app, PC or physical card.
Here you can enter diagnoses, allergies and other information that is important to you and your travel companion or relatives.
You can also upload photos of prescriptions, visual acuity, insurance certificates, etc., so that you have everything in one place.
Just as important at home as when you go on trips abroad!

World Medical Card is your user-controlled medical record – digital

Always available via app, PC or physical card.
Simple – safe – safe – useful.
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Here you can upload your personal medical information, coded so that you are understood by healthcare professionals – anywhere in the world, around the clock.


You choose what you want to enter, for example information about:

  • Covid vaccine documentation
  • Important allergies
  • Important medications you must have
  • Contact information for relatives
  • Emergency button for relatives
  • Insurance information
  • Sensor information
  • Strength of lenses / glasses

There is also a one-click call button with map space for emergency contacts.

Diagnoses, medicines and allergies are coded according to WHO international codes, which makes it easy to share with doctors, healthcare professionals and pharmacists worldwide.

The World Medical Card is currently available in 27 countries and translates the function of diagnoses, medications and allergies into 19 languages.

You have your medical profile available on mobile and PC, but also as a physical card.

Share your profile with family and friends so that they have your health information available in case of an emergency.
If you are going on a trip, you can share the app temporarily with your travel companion, so that they can help if something should happen to you.

If you have elderly parents, you can easily help keep track of what medications they need.
Or maybe you are up age yourself and want some relatives to know about your important medications or allergies?

You can also upload other important information, such as prescription cards, medicine boxes and lens / eyeglass strength. All so that you can gather important information for yourself and others in one place.

Your World Medical Card is a service that supplements health / treatment insurance, travel / accident insurance, local health and emergency apps.

World Medical Card, digital medical journal, medical app

“I have celiac disease (gluten allergy) and must be especially careful not to get gluten in my food. It is a big challenge for me when I travel, and it is primarily the language barrier that is the problem, almost regardless of country. I myself experience challenges with this in Germany, France, Spain, Greece and China – and am happy to have a World Medical Card with me – in my wallet and mobile phone. It works for me and I stay healthy. ”

-Aleksander Skaala, World Medical Card member via employer